Our team of FCE trained occupational therapists can undertake Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCEs). FCEs are performed to determine a person’s current physical capability to complete certain physically active work duties. An FCE involves testing of lifting, carrying, pushing/pulling, balance, fine motor movements, and cardiovascular tolerance among other things.

The evaluation determines what kind of job tasks can or cannot be performed by the individual, to understand if they can conduct their job safely, return to work or even gain new employment. It aims to match the individual ‘s abilities to the demands of the job, in areas such as mobility, fitness, stamina, strength, agility, co-ordination and dexterity.

An FCE usually takes between 4 and 6 hours to complete. The assessment will take place at Novo Therapy and Care offices or sometimes in the person’s community, such as at their solicitor’s office.  The therapist reviews the available medical, social and work history details and then carries out a pre-evaluation screening to determine if the individual is capable to perform the FCE. Then, the functional testing is carried out, which is the actual testing based upon the vocational requirements. During these tests, the individual’s pain levels are measured. An interpretation of results is then carried out where the occupational therapist analyses the results of the FCE to determine conclusions, including any modifications to the job activities, or further interventions such as physiotherapy that might be required. The report includes the individual’s overall history, pre-evaluation screening results and the functional testing results. The individual’s physical capabilities are compared to the physical demands for the job as well as any possible recommendations.

The benefits of an FCE include:

“So often the expert medical opinion we are presented with is clear about whether a person can return to their original occupation. However, if a return to that original kind of work is not viable, then the opinion about what is likely to be suitable is much more general and tends to suggest, for example, the inappropriateness of heavy manual work, or that they should be capable of undertaking light manual duties. Whilst this is entirely understandable, it does not help narrow down suitable options for someone’s vocational future. That is where FCEs are invaluable. They provide a structured, quantifiable, and validated set of robust measures that give a clear indication of a person’s physical and cognitive capabilities in a way that can be matched to a range of different specific occupations. In short, the FCE helps us understand what a person can do every bit as much as they clarify what is beyond someone’s functional capacity. When considering someone’s vocational future, that focus on what is going to be possible rather than what may now be beyond them, makes a huge difference.”
Richard Boardman
Employment Experts
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“I have used Employment Experts for multiple Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE) and without exception they have been pivotal in obtaining an excellent outcome for my clients. The team were even happy to travel to Fife to meet with my client, who had travel and mobility difficulties. FCEs are very useful to get a handle on which type of roles the injured person(s) may or may not be able to undertake in the future. This also helps to feed into the vocational opinion, tying everything together to place a valuation on future losses. I would have no hesitation in recommending the team at Employment Experts for Functional Capacity Evaluations in appropriate cases” .